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Way to Health (WTH) is a web-based platform that automates many of the research functions necessary for conducting randomized controlled trials of behavioral health interventions. This was designed by faculty and staff at the LDI Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE) at the University of Pennsylvania to create an efficient, scalable, and low cost way to test behavioral interventions using a platform that can be deployed anywhere in the United States.

  • Changing Behaviors


Changing Behaviors

Given that as much as 40% of premature mortality in the US may be due to unhealthy behaviors and the ongoing shifts in health financing away from fee-for-service towards alternative payment models, evidence on how to efficiently improve behaviors using technology has both health and economic benefits. To date we have used the platform with participants in 45 states, and the platform offers a wide range of built-in functionalities to facilitate the systematic testing of behavioral interventions to promote health. The platform is linked to a wide range of wireless technologies but can be used with any combination of wearable devices and smart phone apps to create an ecosystem that provides feedback to patients, their peers, social supporters, or, through an exception handling process, their providers, all with the goal of improving health in ways that leverage technology to do so at lower cost than would otherwise be possible.
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Tools for Investigators

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  • Tools for Investigators
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Secured Data

Online research and electronically-secured data are more protected than paper records.
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Computerized Randomization

Capacity for stratified, blocked, and adaptive randomization strategies.
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Automated Payments

Electronic record of participants payments automates transactions and reduces study team paperwork.
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Intervention Incentives

Capability to test a variety of incentive structures, like lotteries and team based incentives.
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Automated Communication

Computerized communication with participants via voice, text or email shortens time study team outreach time.
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Online and Mobile Enrollment

In-person or remote enrollment, survey administration, and integrated biomedical devices ensure complete data.

Areas of Focus

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Manage blood sugar with connected glucometers

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Sleep Apnea
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Smoking Cessation
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Physical Activity
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Medication Adherence
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Blood Pressure
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Weight Loss

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