Way to Health

Lens Analytics full release

Apr 12, 2022

Spring has sprung! We are pleased to announce the full release of our new business intelligence tool, Lens Analytics. Lens Analytics is Way to Health's product offering that provides deep visibility into program data. We also restructured our user account framework to allow maximum flexibility for modern programs.

Product updates from March 2022

Lens Analytics product offering consists of three main components:

  1. Lens Analytics portal: Way to Health’s analytics tool where users can ask questions of their data and visualize them in meaningful ways.
  2. Data stores: Our custom analytics databases replicating production data.
  3. ETLs: (‘Extract, Transform, Load’) These are standard and custom data sets which can be displayed and queried on via the Lens Analytics portal.

Lens Analytics custom reports and visualizations

You can now build custom reports and data visualizations in the Lens Analytics portal. See Creating and publishing questions for instructions.

Customize the W2H homepage

The home page can be set up with standard or custom widgets powered by Lens. See Customize the W2H homepage for instructions.

Embed Lens dashboards in the W2H portal

You can embed custom data visualizations and reports on in the Analytics section of W2H. See Setting up embedded analytics for instructions.

User account refactor

We’ve decoupled staff and participant accounts to meet the needs of modern programs. There are several impactful results of this restructuring:

  • Now only staff accounts require unique email address across the platform.
  • Participant accounts are only required to be unique within a program and not platform-wide, thus allowing participants to enroll in multiple studies or programs simultaneously.
  • Participant accounts can have less requirements if they do not need to log into the web platform. For clinical texting programs, this means name and cell phone are all that is needed for enrollment.
  • Participant profile fields such as external id and MRN can be unique per program to prevent duplicate accounts.
  • Programs can clearly define how participant accounts are created in advanced settings.

There’s a lot more coming

We will continue to enhance the platform as we learn more from our customers. Future releases slated include natural language understanding, improved enrollment and EHR integration and much more. Stay tuned!